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Technology Services

As Technology consultants we provide a total range of IT services. We design high end, scalable, network topologies and build networks from scratch. As we build systems in general, we are also engaged in running of the systems according to each company’s IT strategies.

Focusing on resource management, today’s companies need to study the dynamics behind outsourcing.

In order to work cost effectively, companies’ concentrate the firm’s own resources on their primary set of core competencies and outsource the secondary activities. 

The most important asset of a company is its management resources. To use these resources efficiently and, at the same time, create value, companies need to focus on their core competencies like sales, production, and customer care more then ever.

Companies look at outsourcing as a means to lower only short-term direct costs. Although this is correct, it is an understatement. Through IT outsourcing, improvements in the following areas are targeted;

– Cost reduction 
– Lower long term capital investment
– Saving management resources
– Saving R&D resources
– Benefiting from a greater supply chain management
– Overall, better use and management of resources

Profera has the experience and a very good track record for working with its customers with well defined service level agreements for their required IT services, including IT based procurement. Our professional team, with IT as their main focus is ready to analyze your requirements and work to get you to focus on your core competency.

We are aware that one of the most significant problems of each IT manager is to perform assignment, authorization and definition of different software and countless projects in growing organizations among increasing number of users, and to properly manage them all. On the other hand, another problem is the lack of network, system and internet solutions which enterprises may need in their infrastructures, and the solution partners that will provide installation of and support for such solutions and vision in line with the developing technologies.

Renewed, updated and added equipments and software along with the developing technology and increasing needs can transform such changes and their management into unavoidable dilemmas.

In order to eliminate such problems, there has been a need for an identification of infrastructure supporting a platform that is strong, flexible and can operate in integration with other software solutions; a database and system management that is dependable and responds to changes swiftly; a network infrastructure which is set up properly; and solution firms that will provide installation and continuation of the aforesaid.

Profera provides solutions that will ensure return on investment in a shorter period of time, and will lower ever increasing technological investments or operational costs by providing Enterprise System Planning, Management and Installation services through its “Advanced Infrastructure Solutions.” You can become more efficient, more productive and profitable by installing Advanced Infrastructure Solutions tailored to your company.

Rather than dealing with the problems, you can allocate the valuable time of your enterprise and yourself for researching new methods of increasing your competitive strength and profitability thanks to the results provided to you by the technology.

Are increased number of proposals, documents, announcements, projects and their management, problems waiting to be solved?

You can find the right solutions suitable for your enterprise with Profera, if

· You can find which offer was the most recent one by personal efforts, and do not know what the changes were on the documents, who made the changes and when they were made,

· You want to access the information (document, product/model/construction/designs, customer data etc) whenever and wherever you want,

· It is important that Project realization period shortens due to the fact that your teams working at different locations on the same project find out about the changes simultaneously,

· Increasing your control over the financial processes, determining productivity of your personnel, accelerating the internal process for sales or placement of orders, response time of your service/technical departments to your clients are values that need to be measured as far as you are concerned,

· You want to increase assessment periods and quality of the internal/external requests, to control the guarantee and contract management accurately and without errors, to increase your supervision in contents and processes, to know the phase and the relevant personnel working on the processes already started,

· You want to implement Enterprise Content Management, Collaboration tools, Business Process Management, Workflows, and Document Management in your Company and you are aware that not using these systems makes you lose time, competitive advantage and revenue.

You can Access to your files based on your access rights from anywhere in the world; monitor the changes; see the developments in the projects and the offers, new product designs and time schedules related to the said changes, and thus, make faster decisions and act before your competitors do and gain competitive advantage. You can manage and accelerate your processes and accordingly, your internal performance and attain optimum results.

All data which your sales team, your legal department or you as the management need to access are close to you through Enterprise Portal in a secure, inexpensive, efficient and fast manner.

Profera determines and analyzes the needs of your enterprise, and provides suitable solutions for your Enterprise under “Information & Collaboration Solutions”. While more efficient communication, management of team processes and easier accessibility are ensured, you can decrease complications and costs and increase your sales volume thanks to a dependable system.

Increased administrative costs, race against time, and globalization lead us to live in a world where people work away from their offices without confines of location. These developments have also increased the importance of mobile professional life, fast communication and decision making.

Almost all personnel in an enterprise, notably top management, sales, finance, system managers, are expected to make and implement their decisions faster. The largest problem which surfaced along with these new changed working models is to ensure data security.

While changing numbers personnel and business partners lead to increased number of data that needs to be protected; terms of competition and information theft (internal/external) brought about the requirement for enterprises to safeguard their data in securer environments. Higher the level of definition of security layers and solutions at businesses, users and systems, greater the possibility of becoming a known brand and protect your competitive advantage.

While we provide Windows/Virtual Private Network/ OWA/Single Sign-On Authentication through the two-factor authentication solutions which we implement, we determine the terms and conditions of data storage, form the connection and application security of the equipment and the software that operates on it. We increase data protection capacity of your enterprise against external factors through firewall and antivirus software.

Since data transfer increases as your system is accessed more frequently, the need for your system performance for back up infrastructure that is planned accurately also increases.

You can decrease back up costs by classifying your data based on the access frequency, and have more efficient, securer and high performance data access.

Profera provides consultancy and outsourcing solutions in data classification, data security and data management of enterprises through application of “Security Solutions”, and ensures installation and continuation of security policies and procedures.