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Business Process Services

Process Management is reengineering of business processes by evaluating existing system and detecting of fields to be developed in a company.

Profera, provides result oriented consultancy and outsourcing services to reach to business objectives with highlighting on productivity and efficiency.

The key to successful management is to align the people, processes and technology.

One of the most vital steps for companies which undergo restructuring would unmistakably be the restructuring of their Business Processes.

By using the technology and re-organization tools, Profera prepares current work analysis and processes of its clients and accordingly, provides organizational structure solutions that are alternative to the existing process.

Such solutions consist of the new job definitions, responsibilities and competencies of the employees and the work flows in full compliance with the re-structuring process.

Re-organization is the reassessment and implementation of the new corporate strategies to the existing organization for increasing performance.

In line with this target Profera designs special projects by ensuring participation of the Company employees and implements such projects.

Enterprises strive to decrease their costs, increasing their sales and ensuring better performance of their employees by developing applications that are specific to them. However, the results are not always successful. Specific business processes of enterprises are in fact the common points in interconnection of the corporate systems.

The business processes need to be designed in such a way that will increase productivity and competition in accordance with the environment where the enterprise operates.

Profera provides consultancy and technological products/services for

· documentation,
· restructuring,
· standardization of business processes of enterprises, and
· management and flow of the said processes on a digital platform and in a structure that is customized to the needs of the enterprise, and
· responding to changing and developing needs of a living enterprise.

Profera provides consultancy to structure its clients’ business processes in line with the generally accepted standards that are intended for quality requirements.

Profera also provides consultancy services for the certification requirements of its clients in ISO 9000 Quality Management System.

Applications and revisions that are required for continuation of the Quality Management System in the most efficient manner which is needed or used by enterprises are provided through this service.

Profera ensures operational management of the ISO 9000 system in accordance with the client’s needs within the framework of outsourcing principles. In line with this, Profera functions together with the Quality Management Representative in monitoring, coordination and adequacy interpretation of issues such as internal audits, assessment of suppliers, customer satisfaction researches, corrective and preventive activities.

Also, whenever required, it ensures integration of developments in the clients’ systems.

Profera works in cooperation with the relevant process manager in a company for monitoring, analyzing and reporting the process performance values.