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Board Advisory

Corporate’s require a fresh look at operations on a continuous basis. Unbiased, totally professional and fair support is becoming a standard requirement for today’s corporate scenery. As the corporate Boards are under increasing scrutiny, they must pay serious attention to governance issues and demonstrate transparency, accountability and integrity to investors, partners and the public. Increasingly, they are working with trusted expert advisors.

Profera aims to share its know-how and experience that is gained from top companies in various sectors and industries through out the years. 


We provide practical and impartial advice to chairmen, CEOs and management committees on implementing best practices on mergers or acquisitions, succession planning, board composition, board evaluation, board transition, committee structuring, director compensation, director orientation and Corporate Governance. Our presence as an enabler of professional agenda through advisory services becomes an important tool in how the Board functions.

One level down from Board of Directors is the Executive Committee’s in today’s Medium to Large Businesses management styles. Company’s use Executive Committees to execute the Board decisions more effectively and efficiently. Therefore the composition of the Executive Committees becomes an important part of the success that lies beneath the Management of a Company. Profera offers executive committee advisory services that comprises the management of corporate agenda, feedback gathering, performance measurement and management appraisal. Our success derives from our team’s experience of serving as the trusted advisor to many companies both local and international for many years.

After initial understanding of the corporate board functions, we seek to find the perfect fit to the team. A board, above all must function as a perfect team. Seasoned team members working in harmony creates and sustains value. Finding the correct team member is art by definition. As a catalyst we know that corporate boards evolve and the board needs to be responsive to change. A delicate search needs to be done to eliminate culture clashes. Career plans need to be made for every director as well as defining what is expected from the Independent Directors. We provide services to match these requirements and outline how the board functions so that the company is ready for receiving the Independent Director.